Adventures with my new convection oven

The difference in cooking has certainly been an experience and a lesson in math!  For every recipe I have to either reduce the temperature by 25 degrees (which is easier math wise) or reduce the cooking time by 25% (requires more math).  If I am in a hurry I try to reduce the cooking time.  Sometimes this approach doesn’t work and dishes turn out cooked too much or not enough.

And then there is the smell of a “new” oven.  It is a chemical smell that goes through the entire house.  We tried opening the windows and doors to get rid of the smell but it didn’t work, it just got the house temperature down.  Finally after 2 weeks I am either used to the smell or there is no smell left.  I hope it is the later.

Trying to adjust to this new way of cooking has slowed me down somewhat.  I have been wanting to take pictures of some of the dishes I have been cooking but believe me, you wouldn’t want to see them!  At least they tasted alright!

I do promise that as soon as I get this new fangled oven figured out, I will start posting pictures of the dishes I cook.  I might add that the Baked Penne with Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes turned out wonderful!  I cooked a casserole and froze the other casserole for another day.

This has also been my first week back to work after the wonderful holiday break.   I have been really busy getting caught up on everything at work.  I am hoping things will settle down and I can get back to my regular routine.  Then there is always putting up the Christmas decorations….I don’t even want to go there on that one.  All the ornaments are sitting on the dining room table.  Maybe this weekend I will put them up.

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