Busy weekend!

It was a busy weekend. I didn’t get to cook what I had planned to cook. I had to go out of town and work. I got a lot done. As a reward we went to eat at a favorite restaurant in Abilene, Lytle Land and Cattle Company. They have the best rib eyes!! I must say that I think it is the best in West Texas, even better than Perini Ranch!  Perini Ranch is quite famous in this part of Texas.  I have even seen them featured on the Food Network.  We have Tom Perini’s cookbook.  I must admit that those recipes are delicious but when I ordered them in the restaurant, it didn’t taste anything like the recipe.  But on to Lytle Land and Cattle Company-they have the best steaks anywhere, I think.  I ordered Rib eye, Caesar salad and a baked potato.  It was excellent and cooked to perfection.   I didn’t bring my camera but I did take a picture of the plate on my cell phone.  It didn’t turn out too good but I will post it later.

Well, second thought-after looking at the photo I think I will not post it.  It is very dark and my cell phone didn’t have a flash.  🙂

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