Farmer’s Market

I went to the local farmer’s market today.  I love the fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is what I purchased for $15.  I love fresh okra and it has been years since I have eaten it.  My favorite way to fix okra is to sliced it up and coated it with corn meal.  Then I pour some oil in a skillet and pour the corn meal coated okra in the skillet.  I cook the okra until it turns brown.  I add some salt and pepper to it too.  My family loves it this way because the okra isn’t slimy.  To tell you the truth, I don’t like slimy okra either.  🙂

I think I might make a fresh peach cobbler with the peaches I got.  I will take some pictures and tell you how it turned out.  I usually just use the canned peaches so using fresh ones should really be good!!  Might add some vanilla ice cream to it too!!  Yum!!

I got the tomatoes for the salads I serve for dinner.  I love a good fresh salad before a meal.  This time of year I could just eat salads for dinner.  It has been so hot lately that I haven’t wanted to do any cooking.  🙂

For Father’s Day we took a drive to Meers, Oklahoma.  We ate lunch at the Meers Restaurant.  I had to get a Meersburger.  It is the best.  If you ever happen to go by there, stop by the Meers Restaurant and try one of their hamburgers.  The meat is from the owner’s own Longhorn cattle.  The Meersburger is served in a tin pie plate and it is as big as the pie plate too.

The Meers Restaurant is in a very very old building.  There are lots of antiques around.  The ceiling is made of tin tiles.  It isn’t unusual to see a buffalo wondering around outside either.  I didn’t see any this trip though.

Then the day ended with a drive up to the top of Mt. Scott.  The view is beautiful.  It was very windy up that high but it was pretty looking down.  There are windmills in the background.  This area has lots of windmills that are used to produce electricity for the area.

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