Fresh, Fresh, Fresh


Just got through watching Gordon Ramsey’s Great Escape.  He spent the week in Vietnam learning their cuisine.  It was interesting.  He said, “If it moves, they will eat it.”  I don’t think I could eat anything that moved but I did learn a few things from the segment.  It appears that most Vietnamese do not have refrigerators.  They go to the market everyday to buy what they are going to cook for that day.  Then I began to wonder…..what if everyone cooked that way?  Gordon Ramsey made an interesting comment, “If you want to improve your cooking, get rid of your refrigerator.”  Hmmmm…….I think it is time that I clean out the refrigerator and look at it in a new and different way.  And the freezer??  That is all for convenience but does the food REALLY taste that good after it has been frozen?    A good gauge of what makes a restaurant a success or not is if it serves fresh food and not frozen.  Patrons can taste a difference.

If you are a working mom like me it is hard to cook up a meal everyday without being able to freeze a few dinners but there are plenty of quick tasty meals out there that take no time to cook up.  We have all those fancy appliances that make things so much easier like microwaves, pressure cookers and slow cookers.

I know my dad’s way of life was so much different.  They had no refrigerator or electricity.  Every morning he woke up early to milk all the cows on the farm.  While he was at school his mother would make butter, cheese, and cream from the milk.  They grew all their own fruits and vegetables.  Grandma would can what they couldn’t eat and keep it down in the cellar for eating during the winter.  Once a year they would butcher a pig.  In order to keep the meat from spoiling, they would smoke the meat so it would last a long time.  They would fish in local lakes and eat fresh fish or eat lutefisk (a dry cured cod fish–a delicacy to Norwegians).  Wow, what a wonderful diet!  No processed foods, additives, preservatives, etc.  We really need to get back to eating this way again.  It is so much healthier.

Last night we went to eat at a restaurant that noted in their menu that they used fresh tomatoes from the local farmer’s market in the Caprese Salad.  Mmmmm…..freshness at it’s best!!  Here is a really good recipe for Caprese Salad by the way. Fresh vine ripened tomatoes make all the difference in the world!!

So in an effort to take advantage of summer’s bounty, I will be posting recipes that reflect what fruits and vegetables are in season.  Take advantage of local farmer’s markets in your area.  It is a wonderful source of fresh food.  Bon appetit and here’s to your health!!

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