A Walk Down Memory Lane

I have been going through my mother’s things and I came across this recipe file.  It was Betty Crocker’s recipe file that came out in 1971.  I spent the evening going through the cards and reading mom’s notes that she had made on the cards.  It sure did bring back memories.   I can even remember when mom ordered this.  We got the card file box and 2 sets of cards in the very beginning.  Then every month we would get 2 more sets of cards to add to the file.  I can remember mom and I sitting down at the kitchen table looking at the new cards as they came in the mail.  After we looked them over, mom would organize them into the box.  We talked about which recipes we would like to try for that month.

This recipe file seemed to follow mom through the years.  She discarded many recipe books as she moved but for some reason she wanted to keep this.  She cooked a lot of things from this recipe file and I guess that is why she wanted to keep it.

There is one whole section that is devoted to just fondue.  Remember when that was popular?  Oh my, the memories on that one.  I think I still have mom’s old fondue pot too.  One of these days I am going to have to cook up a “retro” dinner and have fondue.  If I do I will tell you all about it!!  I came across one recipe in particular that really brought back memories.  It is something that I haven’t heard in a long long time.  It is wilted lettuce salad.  I can remember how good that was.  I am going to have to fix that soon.

Oh, by the way—after looking through this file last night, I found several of my favorite recipes that I had been cooking for YEARS!!  It kind of surprised me.  One of those recipes is Gourmet Potato Salad!  A family favorite because it doesn’t have the traditional mustard in it.

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