Medieval Times


Has anyone ever been to Medieval Times? We went last weekend and it was loads of fun. The first thing they did was assign everyone a color. They put a paper crown on us according to the color that we were assigned.


Then we sat down in this arena. The sections were painted in colors and we were suppose to sit in the section that was the same color as our crown. As we sat there they introduced us to the knights.


Ours was the yellow knight. He did alright in the competitions. Our section cheered and cheered for him but in the end he didn’t win.


This knight was the announcer. He was on a beautiful Clydesdale horse. Clydesdales are what I called the Budweiser horses. I usually see that type of horse pulling one of those Budweiser beer wagons. They are such pretty horses.

There were also some Lipizzaner Stallions. They were beautiful. They actually seemed to dance as they performed. After the Lipizzaner Stallions performed, a falcon came out and flew around retrieving little pieces of food. The bird was trained very well.

Then the dinner came. I thought the food was excellent but some people in my party thought otherwise. The first to come out was a delicious Tomato Bisque and garlic bread. Oh did I mention that all the food is eaten with your hands? The soup was drunk instead of eaten because that would be next to impossible to eat with your fingers!! Next came roasted chicken. Everyone got 1/2 a chicken each. It was really good. Then we got a rib and a half of a baked potato. For dessert we had some sort of apple turnover. It was all really good.

As we ate we watched sword fights and jousting. Ah, what fun! If there is a Medieval Times near you, try to go if you haven’t. It is loads of fun!!

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