Real Simple

I don’t usually pick up magazines.  I don’t like to deal with the paper clutter but as I was grocery shopping one day I spied the latest issue of Real Simple.  In big words, on the front it said “A Month of Easy Dinners.”  Now that’s my kind of magazine!  I just had to grab a copy of it and I was glad I did.

Inside were photos of every dish and recipes.  At the back of the magazine was a grocery shopping list for all the meals.  There are no recipes listed for Saturdays and Sundays.  Next time you are in the grocery store pick up a magazine and look through it.  There are a lot of recipes in there that are quick and easy.   This just might be my monthly menu for October!  🙂

Also in the issue is a coupon for next month’s issue, one dollar off.  In next month’s issue is the ultimate make ahead Thanksgiving.  I might just have to check that one out too.

Ohhhh, I found the monthly menu online.  If you want to take a look at it, here it is.   MENU

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