I have always wanted to have a nice herb garden.  I know this seems like a strange time of year to be planting a herb garden but I thought since the temperatures are down, that it would be a good time to plant some perennials.  Of course, right now is the time to plant garlic.  I might plant a bulb or two.  I really want to plant some oregano, thyme and rosemary.  Next spring I will plant lots of basil.  I love fresh herbs and buying them at the grocery store is quite expensive.  Besides, any good cook has their own herb garden.  I will try to post pictures as the garden grows.

Update:  October 3-I have been keeping the garden well watered.  It has suffered through a few dogs running through it and digging.  They probably ruined a few plants but I do have some little sprouts coming up.  Now if I can just keep the dogs out of the garden it might have a chance to grow!!

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