Pancake Festival !!!!


It’s big.  It’s huge.  It’s tradition.  It’s the pancake festival that our town has every year, the last Saturday of January.  I think the whole town eats pancakes for breakfast, or lunch if you arrive later or even dinner if you are the late late riser.


There are lots and lots of people lined up waiting to get their pancakes.  There are also lots and lots of chefs cooking up pancakes.



The “Batter Boyz” are very important to the whole process. They mix up all the batter. Then they carry the batter in pitchers to the chefs.


There was lots and lots of pancake mix. Enough to feed an army or maybe the Air Force, Navy and Marines too!! Which reminds me.


We sat across from the two nicest Marines as we were eating our pancakes. It is nice to sit down to eat with people you don’t know. By the end of the meal, you have gotten to know someone new!


Then we have to go back for seconds. Chefs are still cooking pancakes, lots of pancakes!!


And we have to get sausage. We just have to have sausage with our pancakes!! Gotta love those pancakes! Gotta love tradition!

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