The Royal Treatment

I have been gone. I have been gone a long time. I have been gone on a much needed vacation. I have been gone on a very refreshing and wonderful cruise. If you have never gone on a cruise, I suggest you try one some day. We certainly got the royal treatment and traveled to some fantastic places.

The food on the cruise was absolutely superb! Now it is diet time for me—only down side of indulging. I wanted to take away some of the wonderful dining experiences with me so I purchased one of the cookbooks offered on the cruise.

Each dish was arranged artfully just like in the photos and brought to the table. I would have loved to have observed how they are able to feed so many people in the galley.

Throughout the book the chefs are featured who created each dish. There is a picture of the chef and a little bit about where he is from and his experience. I found it interesting that all the chefs were men!

One evening I ordered this Caprese Salad. It was delicious and looked just as beautiful as it does in this picture.

This New England Clam Chowder was exquisite!

I ate lots and lots of seafood while on the cruise. Getting truly fresh seafood is something I can’t get where I live. I miss it so much. This lobster and shrimp fit the bill and satisfied my seafood craving.

Then of course there were the wonderful desserts. I could not resist them.

In the coming days I hope to try out a few of these recipes to bring back some memories of our cruise.

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