Oyster Fry

I went to an oyster fry in Frederick, Oklahoma yesterday.  I had never been in Frederick before.  It was a nice small town.  I think the thing that impressed me the most about it was how quiet it was.


As we were leaving Texas there were lots of pump jacks working on pumping lots of oil.  I hadn’t seen that many pump jacks since I was out in West Texas.  There were quite a few here.


Then we arrived in the small town of Frederick, Oklahoma.  The buildings in the downtown area were very old with lots of character.  One particular building, the Ramona Theater, had even more character.


The town was restoring this little theater.  I enjoyed the little tour I got of the theater and took in some of the history of it.  It was built in 1929.  Evidently it was suppose to be haunted.  Several other people on the tour claimed they “felt something” but I didn’t.  A ghost hunting team had done an investigation here at one time.


And what town isn’t complete with it’s own courthouse?  Actually this is the county courthouse and I think it is the largest building in the town.


The high school was really big for a small town and I am guessing a lot of students from the surrounding area attended here.  Looks like they have a really good football team too.


Loved browsing the shops and the crafts fair before the oyster fry started.  I just had to buy some homemade soaps.  I love homemade soaps so I stocked up on some goat’s milk soap.  Then it was on to the oyster fry.  We had worked up an appetite from all that walking.


The oyster fry was held at a local elementary school.  Chefs fried the oysters outside.  It was a cold day to be cooking outside.  Lots and lots of oysters were being cooked up.


We went inside the school and went to the cafeteria where we sat down to eat oysters.  You could have these raw if you preferred but most people ate them fried.  They were excellent.  If you are interested in attending, they have this every year the last Saturday in February.  This may be something I may have to attend every year!

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